Bronchopulmonary system

ΙΙ. Features bronchopulmonary systems of the newborn.ΙΙΙ. A congenital pathology and diseases bronchopulmonary systems.It in common with circulatory system provides respiration in all senses of this word.The pneumatic way is a space which carrying out transport of atmospheric air in gas exchange area.These ways are presented by a trachea, two primary bronchuses and bronchioles up to 16 generations.The trachea begins at the lower part of a larynx and goes down in a thoracic cavity.Tracheal wall is formed by a connecting tissue and a cartilage.Cartilages form incomplete rings.The parts adjoining an esophagus, are replaced by fibrous ligament.There is a bifurcation of a trachea in the region of 4 thoracic vertebra.

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