Modern English Literature

One of the most successful modern English writers is J.K. Rowling.Modern English Writers.M. Hecker, T. Volosova, A. Doroshevich "English Literature" Moscow "Prosveshchenye" 1975.The Brief Encyclopaedia of English Literature "Alterexpress" 1998.G. Kirvatis, A. Surnaite "English Literature" Siesa publishing house "Kaunas" 1971.The literature is that magic key that opens the door of cognition of many sphere of human knowledge.That’s why I find studying foreign literature is not only interesting, but also very useful.At the same time Ralph Fox sought to point out the way literature should develop in the future.Socialist Realism must put an end to this crisis of bourgeois literature, Fox says.The sixties saw a new type of literature.

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